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"Welcome to Vannie Paradis. I have a background in corporate finance and interior design and have spent the past few years working with some of the most incredible people and families. 


After years working in corporate America, I decided to pivot my career and open my own design studio after a life-changing trip to India. As a self-proclaimed global explorer, I recently moved to India for one year. Within that year, I found myself awestruck by the incredible architecture, culture, colors, fabrics and murals.


It was truly a trip that changed the course of my life. I was bursting with inspiration and decided to enroll in a course at NYIAD to obtain my Interior Design Certification. And, as they say, the rest is history.


My hope in working together is to elevate your home and your investment into a residence that is well-loved, well-lived and well traveled to. Ready to get started? Good, me too."


What we believe in

Vannie Pardis Interior Designers

People First

We develop tailor-made design solutions for our clients' needs, lifestyles and motives. While we have our own distinct design style, we get to know each of our clients on a personal level to truly understand what they need ... then we deliver.

Vannie Pardis Interior Designers


Our designs have staying power. We curate timeless interiors that will grow with you. We don't believe you should have to redesign a room every few years so we deliver on the promise of innovative interiors that feel as good today as they will years from now.

Vannie Pardis Interior Designers


At our core, we are adventure seekers. We are committed to seeing the world through a different lens and approaching interior design with the same open mind and curiosity as our travels. We value new experiences for ourselves and our clients.

Vannie Pardis Interior Designers in Boston

Multi-Sensory Design

We design for your senses. All of them. We believe in relaxed and refined interior design that ignites joy, elevates home value and makes everyday living feel more serene. The result of our work is a residence that is well-lived, well-loved and well traveled to.

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